Little Tree Education is an innovative, Montessori-based School that serves modern families. LTE is focused on redefining the standard of early education.

If you value education from birth, LTE is for your family. 


Mission & Vision: 

Little Tree Education (LTE) is a school that children can call their own - fostering curiosity and enabling development. LTE honors the child’s natural desire to learn through imagination, creativity, and intellect.

LTE provides learning experiences that develop and maintain the learning, social, physical and emotional skills necessary for successful school performance in the years to come. LTE effectively prepares children for a life full of learning. 

Who is Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori (1870-1952), the first female Doctor of Medicine in Italy, spent much of her early life working with handicapped and socially deprived children. Through this work Montessori learned important information about how and when children concentrate.  She found that children showed considerable ability to concentrate on a task in which they were interested and spend significant amount of time repeating these tasks. Montessori learned that children preferred having order around them with quiet spaces, having the chance to keep their surroundings in order themselves and enjoyed doing real-life work with real-life materials. She also discovered that children learn best by doing things for themselves, having the opportunity to correct their own mistakes and by having the freedom to choose what work to do or what material to work with and not by receiving reward or punishment. From her intensive experience educating these children the Montessori Method of teaching was born. Through study, observation and experimentation Montessori found the major principles of her method to be applicable to all children.